Iran takes 1st step for sending astronaut to space: ICT min.

Tuesday, 04 February 2020 19:02 Mehr News Agency
Iran takes 1st step for sending astronaut to space: ICT min.

The plan for manufacturing five space bio capsules for carrying humans to the space kicked off.

He made the remarks late on Tue. in a ceremony of ‘Space Technologists’ Gathering” held at the venue of ICT Museum and added, “ICT has ordered manufacturing five space capsule for carrying human to space to the Aerospace Research Center of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

This will be the first step for sending Iranian astronaut to the space, the capsule of which is supposed to be manufactured within three years, Jahromi highlighted.

Turning to the manufacturing explorer, he added, “manufacturing explorer is on the research stage.

Presently, ICT has ordered the construction of five explorers for robots up to 190km circuit of the Earth as weigh as 1,800, the prototype of which will be used for preparedness of human sending to the orbit.

ICT Minister Azari Jahromi said, “this project is carried out in cooperation with the international organizations and will have a major impact in progressing Iran’s space knowledge with regards to the spatial explorations.