Tourism industry reflecting Iran’s security

Saturday, 18 January 2020 16:27 Mehr News Agency
Tourism industry reflecting Iran’s security

At the closing ceremony of the 6th International Conference on Digital Marketing and Tourism Industry held on Jan. 17, he said the occasion indicates that experts in the field of tourism and ICT seek more international experience and scientific solutions.

The social media is capable of leaving a positive as well as negative impression on a tourism destination, therefore, experts in the field must be cautious about their comments and interviews, he emphasized.

Tragic events occur all around the world, affecting tourism destination and Iran is not an exception, he said, adding that we have the international and local experience for managing these conditions.

According to Teymouri, Iran is an attractive and highly competitive tourism destination, capable of resolving difficulties swiftly. Currently, marketing procedures are underway and the industry is expected to resume its development before the next traveling season.