Asiatic cheetahs spotted in N Khorasan

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 11:10 Mehr News Agency
Asiatic cheetahs spotted in N Khorasan

Mehdi Allahpour, the Director-General of Environmental Protection of North Khorasan Province said on Tuesday that following the announcement of a farmer in Jajarm about the presence of an Asian cheetah and its two cubs on the western border of the Miandasht Wildlife Refuge, a group of park rangers dispatched to the scene.

The park rangers succeeded in taking the photograph of mother cheetah by being present in the region, he added.

Miandasht Wildlife Refuge is a reserve in northeastern Iran. It comprises 844 square kilometres of semi-desert and shrubland and is home to the endangered Asiatic cheetah. Miandasht Wildlife Refuge in Jajarm is one of the four oldest areas in the country. Miandasht has one of the richest and densest animal species among the steppe habitats of Iran.