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Mar 31st
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Home Culture Cultural News “What Is Lost, Exists”: Artists argue  

“What Is Lost, Exists”: Artists argue  

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“What Is Lost, Exists”: Artists argue  

TEHRAN – Thirteen artists are displaying their latest works in an exhibition entitled “What Is Lost, Exists”, which spotlights the problems facing Iranian society.

Over 20 paintings and three sculptures are on view at the exhibit underway at Avaye Honar Gallery.

Visitors can easily see hopes and lives in progress, as well as people’s sorrows and regrets in the artworks on display at the exhibition,” the gallery wrote in a statement for the showcase.

Most of the works illustrate peoples’ depressed economic situation. A highlight of the exhibition depicts a sad little fishmonger boy who is waiting for a customer in a bazaar.

Everything has changed overnight, while there is no certain logic in the changes,” said Alireza Asanlu, the curator of the exhibit, who is also the manager of the Khaneye Aftab Atelier in Tehran.

It is surprising that we have become accustomed to this situation and there is certainly a reaction toward it,” he added.

The unconventional situation is what we frequently experienced in the country and the artists chose the topic to depict in their works,” he stated.

Asanlu pointed to the title of the exhibition and noted, “What happens to us and what we experience influence our future and fate.

The impacts of the incidents we experience and the decisions made in our individual, social and family life will never diminish,” he said.

Linda Mohammadi, Mahsa Shemshian, Huri Baqeri, Amir Nariman and Zahra Rahimi are among the artists participating in this exhibition, which will run until February 23.

Photo: This combination photo shows some paintings on display at the exhibition “What Is Lost, Exists” underway at Avaye Honar Gallery.



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