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Mar 28th
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Home Economy Economy News Iran’s daily gas consumption touches 600 mcm

Iran’s daily gas consumption touches 600 mcm

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Iran’s daily gas consumption touches 600 mcm

TEHRAN – Iran’s daily natural gas consumption has once again hit a record high of nearly 600 million cubic meters (mcm) a day due to the unprecedented snowfall and cold weather which has blanketed the country, said the spokesman of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).

Domestic Gas consumption increased by more than 20 percent or 100 million cubic meters on Tuesday, compared to the previous day, and reached 590 million cubic meters,” Mohammad Asgari told Tasnim.

According to the official, considering the pervasive cold weather in the country, gas consumption is expected to increase even more and exceed 600 million cubic meters.

He further noted that despite the cold weather and the great surge in the consumption, gas supply to all areas across the country is uninterrupted.

In late-January, Iran’s daily natural gas consumption had hit a record high of 592 mcm a day due to heavy snowfall across the country.

Iran is currently producing over 810 mcm of natural gas on a daily basis which is mostly used inside the country for the domestic sector and also as fuel for the power plants and small portion is also exported to the neighboring countries like Iraq.

Currently, about 30,000 villages with 4. 6 million households as well as 1,148 cities with over 18 million households are connected to the national gas network in Iran.

Back in January 2019, the NIGC’s managing director had announced that 93. percent of Iran’s population enjoy natural gas.

Gas is supplied to 97 percent of people in the urban areas and 82 percent of people in the rural regions, according to Hassan Montazer Torbati.



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