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Oct 21st
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Six satellites ready to be launched into space: ICT min.

Six satellites ready to be launched into space: ICT min.

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Six satellites ready to be launched into space: ICT min.

On the occasion of launching “Zafar” Satellite into the space, Iran’s ICT minister in a tweet wrote, “six satellites are readied for launching into the space.

He went on to say that Amirkabir University of Technology started construction operation of a precision measuring satellite which is unique of its kind.

Zafar” telecommunications satellite is as heavy as 113 kg in a way that its operational life in the orbit is at least 1. years, ICT minister stressed.

Zafar” telecommunications satellite will be sent to the space before the Ten-Day Dawn celebrations in the current year, he said, adding, “this satellite was delivered by the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) to Iran Space Agency (ISA) last week.

Accordingly, making decision for injection time of this satellite in the orbit shall be borne by the Ministry of Defense and Launcher Group, Jahromi stated.

Zafar also carries S&F consignment which provides features such as broadcasting a single message to all users, one-way voice communication between two users, sending a message to 256 direct users.

Preparing map of lands, basic map, civil development map, agricultural fields map, map on changes in lands natural environment and jungles, monitoring developments in seasonal and perpetual lakes, identifying damaged areas after the crisis and upgrading structural maps are among missions of the satellite.



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