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Feb 26th
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Stock market advances on Sunday

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Stock market advances on Sunday

TEHRAN- TEDPIX, the main index of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), rose 732 points to 410,694 on Sunday, IRNA reported.

As reported, some 6. 385 billion securities worth 37. 119 trillion rials (about $883. 7 million) were traded at this market.

The first market’s index rose 495 points and the second market’s index climbed 1,654 points at TSE, the same report conformed.

TEDPIX posted a new record on Saturday, as it jumped 10,516 points to stand at 409,962.

Some 9. 266 billion securities worth 39. 854 trillion rials (about $948. 9 million) were traded at TSE on Saturday.

The first market’s index rose 7,391 points and the second market’s index climbed 22,517 points at this market.

TSE witnessed the highest ever weekly rise of its main index, TEDPIX, in the past Iranian calendar week, which was the last week of Iran’s tenth calendar month of Dey.

The index rose 45,638 points, or 12. 9 percent, during the past week to stand at 399. 445 points.

As reported, 27. 689 billion securities valued at 149. 793 trillion rials (about $3. 56 billion) were traded through 2. 151 deals at TSE in the past week, experiencing growth of 12. 9 percent and 33. 7 percent in the number and value of traded securities, respectively, while 54. 2 percent rise in the number of trades.

The first market’s index rose 33,270 points, or 13. 1 percent, to 286,972, and second market’s index increased 92,359 points, or 12. 7 percent, to 827,378, at TSE in the previous week.



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