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Jan 18th
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Home NEWS Iran Iran condemns UK's anti-Iran stance

Iran condemns UK's anti-Iran stance

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Iran condemns UK's anti-Iran stance

Iran’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the UK officials’ anti-Iran remarks and the country’s ambassador’s suspicious illegal and unprofessional measure participating in an internal gathering in Tehran.

Iranian Foreign Ministry once again condemned the regime’s Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister’s unacceptable remarks on assassination of Lt. neral Soleimani and his companions by the US terrorist forces considering these remarks as the UK’s participation in the crime.

The statement emphasizes that the UK envoy’s presence in an internal gathering is London’s clear interference in Iran’s internal affairs contrary to principles of diplomatic relations which implies the UK’s participation in the US failed policy of maximum pressure on Iran.

Referring to British Foreign Minister's threat against Iran to impose sanctions against Iran, Iran's Foreign Ministry emphasized that any possible mistake made by the UK will face Iran's harsh and proportionate reaction and London will be responsible for the consequences.

Also referring to the UK's colonial history in the Middle East, the statement adds that it is time for the UK to understand that the era of colonialism has come to end and the country's ambassadors must stop interfering in internal affairs of the countries and stop intensifying tension.

The statement also emphasizes that despite having different attitudes and viewpoints Iranian vigilant nation never accepts interference of foreign states in its internal affairs and will never forget that the UK government is supporter of the butchers who slaughtered Yemeni children and Khashoggi.

At the end, Iranian Foreign Ministry called on the UK government to end any form of interference in Iran's internal affairs by its ambassador and wareds London of continuation of interfering measures that can be responded beyond just summoning the UK's envoy.



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