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Sep 24th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iranian company attains know-how to repair passenger planes' engine

Iranian company attains know-how to repair passenger planes' engine

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Iranian company attains know-how to repair passenger planes' engine

According to the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, the import of technology, technical know-how and/or parts of the aviation industry into the country is impossible in the current situation.

Chief Executive of Knowledge-based Company Mohammad Hassan Dibaji made the remarks on Wed. and said, “benefited from the most experienced manpower and engineers, our company managed to attain the technical knowhow of manufacturing and repairing a number of parts of passenger planes' engine, observing requirements of Civil Aviation Organization (CAO).

Turning to the activity of domestic companies tasked with repairing and maintaining the engine of planes, he said, noting that no private company is authorized to manufacture plane engine parts in the country.

Fokker-100 is a highly-used passenger plane in the country and engine of these planes are manufactured by the British Rolls-Royce Company, he said, adding, “this British company avoided offering after-sales services to these planes. Consequently, we started repairing parts of these planes using domestic technical know-how.



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