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Aug 06th
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Iranian films unique in content, cinematography

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Iranian films unique in content, cinematography

Referring to the quality of Iranian films, he added, "This is our first time in Iran and we did not imagine the size of the festival would be that big. Iranian films enjoy good quality and have special approaches both in terms of content and cinematography. Their subjects are great and unimaginable for western world.

My wife and I have come to Iran to meet Iranian docmakers and producers for better collaboration in addition to presenting our festival and Iranian films awarded there," Dumitru Budrala added.

Astra festival director reiterated.

He continued, "Festivals could be called miracles as they gather directors from different countries regardless of their beliefs and nationalities.

Dumitru Budrala went on saying that festivals could play a significant role in changing the world view towards everything as there is the theory of butterfly effect proving this fact.

Astra Film Festival is a major event in the European film community and Romania's leading documentary festival. A lot of Iranian films have succeeded to receive prestigious awards and prized from this festival during the last decades.



Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia.

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