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Nov 20th
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Home NEWS Iran ICJ's interim injunction confirms US violation of intl. law

ICJ's interim injunction confirms US violation of intl. law

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ICJ's interim injunction confirms US violation of intl. law

On 3 October 2018, the Court unanimously indicated provisional measures, obliging the United States to remove any impediments arising from the measures announced following its withdrawal from the JCPOA in certain domains,” said Bagherpour on Wednesday, addressing the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Agenda Item 74 on “Report of the International Court of Justice”.

The Court’s unanimous order is a clear testament to the illegality of the United States’ sanctions against our country and its people, at least in the specified areas,” he added.

Bagherpour went on to slam the US for imposing those and other sanctions despite the court order.

In response, the United States imposed numerous rounds of new sanctions and continuing the ones that existed when the provisional measures were indicated,” he said, adding that "such irresponsible behavior is in clear defiance of the Court’s Order, certainly laying in the scope of prohibited acts with an aggravating effect on the dispute at hand and would categorize as illegal wrongful acts contrary to the Court’s dictum".

Iran filed an application together with a request for Provisional Measures to the International Court of Justice later in 2018 to protect its rights under the bilateral Treaty of Amity which was infringed as a result of the re-imposition of sanctions by the US.

By adding multiple new sanctions since the call of the Court based on Article 78, the United States has disregarded the Court’s Order in a more blatant manner,” he warned in his speech in New York.



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