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Oct 22nd
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Home NEWS Iran Iran envoy says UK MoD obstructs payment of Iran’s debt

Iran envoy says UK MoD obstructs payment of Iran’s debt

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Iran envoy says UK MoD obstructs payment of Iran’s debt

The legal counsel of the UK Defence Ministry subsidiary company resorts to all possible procedural tactics and lawyerism to delay the payment of Iran’s debt. ursuant to such efforts, the court decided TODAY to convene its next substantive session after 6 months, in March 2020," Iranian ambassador to London, Hamid Baeidinejad said in a tweet hours ago.

Britain has repeatedly refrained from paying the debt it acknowledges it owes to Iran under the excuse of illegal sanctions imposed by the United States on Tehran.

According to a report by the Tehran-based Press TV website on Friday Judy 26, a top court in Britain dismissed a complaint lodged by Iran seeking at least £20 million in interest for a debt related to a series of defense deals signed before the Iranian revolution of 1979.

Judge Stephen Phillips from the High Court in London ruled at the time that the UK does not have to pay the sum that Iran believes has accrued on £387 million owed to Tehran over the failed delivery of more than 1,500 Chieftain tanks and armored vehicles based on contracts signed as of 1971.

But, the Iranian envoy said in his tweet today that the UK court had not ruled against Iran, contrary to what the BBC had reported, and that the case had been sent to a court of appeal.



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