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May 26th
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Home Culture Cultural News Efforts of two state institutions to connect society to fashion, clothing

Efforts of two state institutions to connect society to fashion, clothing

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Efforts of two state institutions to connect society to fashion, clothing

At the beginning of the meeting, the vice president for women and family said, “Promoting beautiful Iranian-Islamic clothing tailored to the taste of our girls and women is an important goal.

Referring to the fact that the efforts made in fashion are important from a cultural, social, economic, and employment perspective, Ebtekar said, “Today the issue of identity is entangled with fashion and the importance of this issue is obvious. Therefore, if we can provide the appropriate window for the youth to make appropriate choices in the field of fashion and hijab, we hope to see a development in this area.

Contrary to an approach that thinks there is no solution other than limitation and coercion, experience has shown that cultural actions and the provision of designs and ideas tailored to the taste and wishes of the society and the younger generation have desirable results,” she added.

The vice president emphasized, "In the matter of hijab and chastity, with appropriate methods, we can even have a potential cultural impact on neighboring countries, which is very important in terms of prosperity.

In this meeting, Ghobadi, Secretary of the Working Group on Fashion and Clothing, also thanked the support and cooperation of the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, hoping that with the signing of this memorandum, conditions will be provided to expand the organization of joint interactions.



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