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May 26th
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Home Culture Cultural News No more need for Hongkongers to receive visa for trip to Iran

No more need for Hongkongers to receive visa for trip to Iran

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No more need for Hongkongers to receive visa for trip to Iran

As China Radio International reported, Iran is implementing a visa-waiver program for Hong Kong's tourists who wish to stay up to 21 days in Iran.

In late July, Iran extended the visa-free treatment for Chinese tourists from 15 days to 21 days, almost a month after Iranian Cabinet’s decision about putting no visa policy for Chinese tourists visiting Iran into practice.

The decisions are made to attract more foreign tourists to the country; however, it is a unilateral measure i. e. Iranian tourists visiting China or Hong Kong still need visas.

Iran has taken some similar steps to increase its revenues from tourism under US sanctions.

In mid-June, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued an order to the interior minister, according to which Iran will not put stamps on the passports of the visiting foreigners.

Cabinet Spokesman Ali Rabiei said earlier that “under its economic terrorism plans, the US is trying to frighten and stop foreign tourists from making trips to Iran.

Unfortunately, the US is following its economic terrorism programs against Iran and seeks to frighten everybody who wishes to travel to Iran from future problems or being sanctioned,” he said, “President Rouhani issued an order according to which Iran will not put stamp on the passports of the visiting foreign tourists.

Iran is expected to attract one million Chinese in the near future through the visa waiver for Chinese tourists, reports say.



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