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May 25th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran to take part in EU Nanomaterials Safety Project

Iran to take part in EU Nanomaterials Safety Project

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Iran to take part in EU Nanomaterials Safety Project

Risk-GONE” is one of the EU’s defined projects in the field of safety of nanomaterials which has been launched with $5 million worth of budget since January 2019. lamic Republic of Iran also takes part in this project. In this comprehensive project, 15 European countries along with Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States have established joint cooperation on compilation of instructions related to nanomaterials, so that standards should be compiled for safe use of nanomaterials.

Considering the brilliant history of Iran in compilation of four international standards in the field of nanotechnology, a consortium related to “Risk-GONE” project invited Iran to participate in this giant project.

Dr. Sara Ahmadi an expert in Iran Nano Safety Network pointed to the objectives behind launch of this project and added, “currently, safety instructions of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are available for using these nanomaterials.

Finally, it is agreed to compile special instructions for using nanomaterials, so that these instructions will be used to compile international standards, he added.

This four-year project is under implementation using €5 million in cooperation with 22 members. Except Iran and United States, 15 European countries have participated in launching this project.

It should be noted that Islamic Republic of Iran has participated in Working Group No. 4 and 5 of Risk-GONE project.



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