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May 25th
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Home Sport All Sports Zero tolerance for fan misbehavior: Masoud Soltanifar

Zero tolerance for fan misbehavior: Masoud Soltanifar

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Zero tolerance for fan misbehavior: Masoud Soltanifar

TEHRAN - Iran's Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, Masoud Soltanifar, says that football hooligans will face sever action if they try to make trouble at the stadiums.

Last season, the Football Federation of Iran Disciplinary Committee made penalties for some clubs and their violent fans but that behavior was repeated again and again at pitches everywhere in Iran.

So many supports were left covered in blood after the matches but the Iranian sports officials are determined to stop violence in the stadiums in the new season.

Sport is a factor of making tens of millions of people happy and we will not allow some opportunists to cause disruption to the fans’ happiness. We are going to hold the football competition with the lowest possible amount of tension and improve the security and comfort of the fans,” Soltanifar said.

The matches Should not be marred by misbehavior of some fans who violate the rules. Fortunately, the clubs have helpful cultural plans for the new season,” he added.

Police will not allow the invaders to enter the stadiums and the football federation has new disciplinary rules for the new season. All of us are responsible to keep sportsmanship in our sport,” Soltanifar went on to say.

The league competition should be equipped with electronic ticketing and seat numbering systems in the new season. We have zero tolerance policy in relation to any threats against the competition,” Soltanifar concluded.



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