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Mar 30th
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Home Culture Cultural News Ardebil prov. to host ‘National Festival of Chamomile Flowers’

Ardebil prov. to host ‘National Festival of Chamomile Flowers’

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Ardebil prov. to host ‘National Festival of Chamomile Flowers’

This cultural-tourism event will be held in this province in cooperation with responsible executive organizations with the aim of identifying and introducing capabilities and unique talents in the field of tourism and attraction of investment, booming tourism capacities in Namin city, familiarity with the traditions, handicrafts and local customs and rituals of the region and also creating, empathy, unity and amity among people, he reiterated.

Norouzzadeh also pointed to the cultural and tourism capabilities in Namin and added, “Fandoqlu Forest has been known as a tourism gem in this city and holding “Chamomile Flowers Festival” in this city creates a golden opportunity for evermore introduction of tourism capacities of this forest area.

Identifying and introducing tourism capacities of the region especially Fandoqlu Forest tourism hub, developing tourism facilities in Namin resort areas, showcasing high capability of this province in the field of medicinal-pharmaceutical herbs have been cited as the other aims behind launching this festival, he emphasized.

Fandoqlu is located 10 kilometers from the town of Namin. A large part of the forest in situated in Ardebil province and a small part of it in Gilan province which attracts many domestic and foreign visitors every year. Adjacent to the forest are expansive mayweed fields, which host a mayweed festival every spring.



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