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Dec 14th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran to hold 6th Regional Conference on Climate Change

Iran to hold 6th Regional Conference on Climate Change

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Iran to hold 6th Regional Conference on Climate Change

IMO is set to hold the conference in November in cooperation with the Road Ministry, and with the participation of the representatives of the World Meteorological Organization, UNESCO and other major international organizations and academic experts.

The Road Ministry has submitted the request to the government for necessary permits and currently is awaiting the Cabinet’s approval.

Climate change is one of the most important environmental changes in the contemporary world which requires serious attention from governments and nations. The sensitivity of climate changes in the Middle East and in particular in Iran has increased over the past decades and included topics such as drought, dust, and so on.

According to assessments, climate change affects important sectors of the economy and, consequently, social life. Tourism, agriculture and its related industries, health are among the most important socially affected areas of climate change.

The event mainly focuses on global warming and reducing its damaging effects on the region as well as monitoring and climate prediction, effects of climate change and the ways to adopt them.

The Regional Conference on Climate Change is held every four years by the IMO. Holding the conference requires the approval of the Cabinet.



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