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Nov 20th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News IRGC forms cloud-seeding drones fleet

IRGC forms cloud-seeding drones fleet

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IRGC forms cloud-seeding drones fleet

A special meeting was held at the Water Research Institute in Tehran with representatives of Energy Ministry and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Department, as well as representatives from Iran Meteorological Organization and some other institutes in attendance.

The attendees at the specialized meeting focused on water-related issues in Iran, including drought and water shortages and exploring ways to tackle the existing problems.

In the meeting, the IRGC Aerospace Force representative Shahab Jamshidi said that a team of 20 experts was initially formed comprised of university professors and students, who majored in aerospace, to cooperate with Energy Ministry in a project on cloud-seeding.

Jamshidi expressed the readiness of the IRGC Aerospace to help the Energy Ministry to tackle water-related issues.

He said that the IRGC Aerospace has increased the number of aircraft assigned to fertilize clouds from one aircraft to three.

According to the IRGC Aerospace representative, in the past, a flight team used to come from Tajikistan to Iran for cloud-seeding operations, while now, the whole operational team are from the IRGC Aerospace.

He went on to add that a UAVs fleet with cloud-seeding missions has been formed at IRGC Aerospace Department. He added that this UAVs fleet are stationed and ready for operations in five regions across the country.

Jamshidi also said that while there had not been an agreement signed between the IRGC Aerospace Department and the Energy Ministry as of today, the commander of the IRGC Aerospace had ordered them to continue the project and should not wait for share of budget from the Energy Ministry.

The IRGC Aerospace representative in the meeting further noted that the IRGC had saved a large amount of money by working on the project, adding that the project had the potentials to be exported to neighboring countries.



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