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Jan 24th
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Home NEWS Iran Europe's solutions to help Iran cannot be trusted: official

Europe's solutions to help Iran cannot be trusted: official

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Europe's solutions to help Iran cannot be trusted: official

Through announcing their efforts to preserve the JCPOA, Europeans both wanted to keep the nuclear deal alive and pave the way for the US sanctions, and today we see they are killing time,” Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali, head of Iran's Passive Defense Organization said.

Jalali added that the European solutions cannot be trusted, calling on the Iranian officials to look for better alternative solutions.

The head of Iran's Passive Defense Organization pointed out that the United States intended to topple the Iranian establishment immediately after its withdrawal from the nuclear deal along with putting the maximum economic pressures on the country, but then when they realized their goal was not achievable, they stepped back and said that they sought changing Iran’s behavior as the goal of the sanctions.

Referring to newly released strategic documents of the United States, he said "new strategic documents in the United States have revealed new issues that should be paid attention to seriously. They stress that they should have control over cyberspace, and this shows that there is the possibility of imposing cyber-related sanctions. They may want to disrupt sustainable services in our country.

Jalali added “another issue that is likely being pursued by them is cutting off the Internet in some areas [in the country]. Furthermore, they may attack the country's infrastructure, which requires our readiness to counter cyber attacks.

Disrupting critical infrastructure such as the national gas distribution network, and even our banking network can be one of the strategies of the enemies,” he went on to explain.

Furthermore, he said that Passive Defense Organization has given special programs to government sectors instructing them how to defend themselves against threats.



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