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Dec 19th
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Home Society Society News Pomegranate festival kicks off in Tehran

Pomegranate festival kicks off in Tehran

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Pomegranate festival kicks off in Tehran

TEHRAN – Yesterday, a major pomegranate festival, featuring various traditions from across the country, opened to the public at the Eshraq Cultural Center, northeast Tehran.

Varieties of pomegranate and related products are on show at the 20-day event titled “One Hundred Seeds of Ruby”.

The exhibit also stages local live performances and traditions, handicrafts, souvenirs, and culinary skills as well.

Visitors may grasp opportunity to have stopovers in ethnic siah-chadors (black tents) or enter cuisine contests with top cooks, IRNA quoted an official with Tehran Municipality on Sunday.

Throughout the Orient, the pomegranate has since earliest times occupied a position of importance alongside the grape and the fig.

During autumn, lots of pomegranate farmers hold such festivals to thank God and to celebrate harvest season. Pomegranates themselves can vary in color from deep red to yellow flushed with pink.



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