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Oct 19th
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Shirahmad Wildlife Refuge in Sabzevar

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Shirahmad Wildlife Refuge in Sabzevar

Unlike semi-desert and desert climate, Sabzevar is a habitat for many species of Iranian wildlife. One of the wildlife habitats in Sabzevar is Shirahmad Wildlife Refuge.

Shirahmad region has been considered as one of the good habitats and training areas of deer and chin Kara from the distant past in Sabzevar.

This region has desert climate with relatively high oscillation of day and night temperature which is characteristic of desert areas. Kaal Shoor Jajarm River is the only permanent water source in the area. This river is also the home to hundreds of migratory aquatic birds every year.

Shirahmad Wildlife Refuge in SabzevarShirahmad Wildlife Refuge in Sabzevar

Cheshmeh Avash is the most important spring in the area which is used by wild animals in addition to the people's use. Shirahmad Wildlife Refuge has different types of reptiles, birds and mammals.

The most important species of animal sanctuary include gazelle, Persian onager, deer, rabbit, wild cat, hyena, wolf, squirrel, long tail hamster, Iranian hedgehog, white wolf bat, bustard, Eastern imperial eagle, golden eagle, vulture, partridge, Eurasian eagle-owl, swallow, mallard, Eurasian teal, ruddy Shel duck, heron, bittern, Intermediate egret and many others.

Shirahmad Wildlife Refuge in SabzevarShirahmad Wildlife Refuge in Sabzevar

Source: Alaedin.



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