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Oct 19th
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Home NEWS Iran 40 ISIL commanders killed in IRGC missile strikes

40 ISIL commanders killed in IRGC missile strikes

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40 ISIL commanders killed in IRGC missile strikes

Speaking in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that IRGC Aerospace Force’s intelligence was accurate and for that they conducted a successful operation in Syria.

He added that in the operation against the KDP camps in Kurdistan Region was thanks to the intelligence obtained from IRGC ground forces.

With regard to the Monday IRGC missile and drone attacks on ISIL positions in eastern Syria, Hajizadeh said about 40 of the terrorists were killed, adding that their bodies are still trapped under debris, and further information will be disclosed to public at a later time.

He added that a top commander responsible for their operation in Iraqi Mosul areas was among the killed.

He also warned sponsors of anti-Iran terrorists, including Saudi Arabia, UAE and US, that the tolerance of Iranian officials is limited.

He further stated that “Iran reacts to terrorists swiftly, but it is patient with governments and regimes.



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