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Nov 16th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran to launch indigenous Fateh-class submarine by 2019

Iran to launch indigenous Fateh-class submarine by 2019

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Iran to launch indigenous Fateh-class submarine by 2019

Rastegari announced that Iran will unveil a new domestically-manufactured submarine by the end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1397 (on March 21, 2019).

Rastegai made the remarks in an interview with IRIB’s News Network, AKA IRINN, on Tuesday touching upon the ‘Plan to Revolutionize Iran’s Maritime Industries Based on the Policies of the Resistance Economy’.

This plan is in line with the policy of replacing the rented vessels and renovating the maritime transportation fleet including oil tanker vessels offshore oil rigs’ service and support fleet in the Persian Gulf, and it was passed in by the high Council of Maritime Industries in last year which stipulates that 176 new vessels with a total value of €1. illion be built by four industrial organization of the country,” recounted the official.

According to the plan, the Iranian Defense Ministry's Marine Industries Organization is tasked with making 70 vessels and now the designing and manufacturing of these vessels are on top of the organization’s agenda,” he stressed.

The official recounted that after US levied sanctions on import of diesel engines for Iranian marine vessels, Iranian Defense Ministry's Marine Industries Organization has started working on designing and manufacturing engines with 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 horsepower.

I want to break a good news for the Iranian nation that we will construct a vessel with a length of 94 meters by the end of the year in less than a year which is itself a record. We uses to make the same construction in 8 years,” he boasted.

He also added that the organization has managed to manufacture and is now providing 312 kilowatt generators.

He voiced hope that Iran will tap its own domestically-made marine engine with 1300 horsepower by the end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1397.

Rastegari also promised that the first national water jet engine will be unveiled by the end of the current year. He added that it is used in high speed vessels.

The official recounted that the organization is working in 4 areas and one of those areas is making submarines. He asserted that the most widely used engine in submarines is permanent magnet motor.



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