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Sep 26th
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Home NEWS Iran Iran’s Leader calls for Russia’s coop. in containing US

Iran’s Leader calls for Russia’s coop. in containing US

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Iran’s Leader calls for Russia’s coop. in containing US

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin which was held on Friday evening on the sidelines of Tehran tripartite summit on Syria settlement.

He referred to US defeat in Syria as a successful case of containing the Western country, adding “Americans have now experienced a real defeat in Syria and have been stopped short of reaching their goals there.

US’s imposition of sanctions on Iran, Russia and Turkey is a strong common point for expansion of cooperation, he added.

The Leader also stressed the need for conducting economic transactions by ditching dollar.

It is not acceptable that we fully abide by our commitments under the nuclear deal, while other parties do not comply with their own commitments," Ayatollah Khamenei said.

He went on to add that Iran would adopt a position on the nuclear deal that would be in the best interest of national interests and dignity.

The Leader further maintained that Saudi Arabia would not achieve its desired results in Yemen, and that the country would fail to bring the resilient people of Yemen to their knees.

The Russian president, for his part, said the two sides have discussed cooperation in the energy sector in particular, including the construction of a new nuclear power plant and electrification of Iran’s railways, as well as increasing Iran’s oil exports.

The US is making a strategic mistake by imposing restrictions on financial transactions, because it is undermining the global trust in dollar at the expense of a short-term political victory, Putin stressed.

He then noted that the JCPOA issue will be the next topic of discussion in bilateral talks with Iranian president, and voiced regret over lack of commitment by other sides to the nuclear agreement.

Putin also maintained that Europe is, in practice, following Washington’s lead in undermining the JCPOA, although they may say they are seeking ways to preserve the agreement.



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