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May 27th
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Home Culture Cultural News Iranian photographers shine at Danube Digital Circuit

Iranian photographers shine at Danube Digital Circuit

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Iranian photographers shine at Danube Digital Circuit

Photographers from Iran pocketed 3 gold medals and 5 honorary mentions in this photo festival which was held in 4 categories of water (color and monochrome), open (color), open (monochrome) and nature (color and monochrome) in 4 countries of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Belarus.

In Belarus' ‘nature’ category, Amin Dehghan snatched Gold MoL medal with his photo titled ‘Khara Desert2’. pen’ category, Amin Mahdavi’s ‘Bold’ and Ebrahim Bahrami’s ‘coalminers’ won Gold FIAP medal and Gold BCAP medal respectively. Manafzadeh received BCAP HM for his photo ‘water tracer 1’ and Ahmad Khatiri’s ‘flying harmony’ was given the FIAP HM.

In Romania's open (color) category section, Amir Nazeri received SALON HM for ‘Heaven’. the open (monochrome) category, Amin Mahdavi’s ‘Bold’ gained MoL HM. in the Nature (color and monochrome) category, Amin Dehghan was awarded the FIAP HM for his photo ‘Khara Desert2’.



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