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Jul 23rd
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Home NEWS Iran EU’s package of proposals does not cover all of Iran’s demands

EU’s package of proposals does not cover all of Iran’s demands

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EU’s package of proposals does not cover all of Iran’s demands

In a telephone conversation with the President of France Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani described France’s attempts to preserve the nuclear deal as positive, adding that “Europe’s proposed package to ensure continued cooperation under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) does not cover all of our demands.

Rouhani went on to hope, however, that the Friday meeting between the six remaining parties to the agreement in Vienna, aimed at discussing the EU’s economic package, can meet Iran’s demands for continuing cooperation under the deal.

The Iranian president then noted the economic activities and banking relations and the problems facing some European companies doing business with Iran due to US unilateral pullout from the JCPOA, adding “we expect Europe to present us with a clear, operational plan with a specific timetable that can compensate for US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

The French President Emmanuel Macron, for his part, voiced his country’s commitment to its obligations under the JCPOA and highlighted the importance of efforts to continue cooperation and dialogue for survival of the nuclear pact.

Macron further stressed Europe’s resolve to continue efforts aimed at preserving the JCPOA, adding “the meeting of foreign ministers of five countries in Vienna can create a good balance in political and economic issues for continuation of cooperation.

by phone, during which he voiced his disappointment at EU’s package of proposals, adding that Iran would continue cooperation with Europe if the outcome of Friday meeting in Vienna is promising.



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