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Jun 25th
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Home NEWS Iran Europe should make up for US JCPOA exit: Rouhani urges Macron

Europe should make up for US JCPOA exit: Rouhani urges Macron

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Europe should make up for US JCPOA exit: Rouhani urges Macron

We should not allow that this big accomplishment of diplomacy get destructed by unilateral measures and non-committal behaviors of others,” said Iranain President Hassan Rouhani during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday evening.

In addition to voicing content with the position undertaken by Europeans including France in calling for preservation of the JCPOA, he also urged the westerners to accompany a series of measures and practical and tangible steps with supportive statements and announcements to make up for what Iran was expected to benefit from the agreement.

The Iranian executive chief reminded the French president that it would be impossible for Iran to stay in the agreement if the country still be deprived of the benefits promised in the agreement.

He voiced hope to see the efforts of the 5 countries along with Iran and European Union bear fruit and be successful.

He also asserted that Iranian military advisors are in Syria upon the official request of the legal government of Syria to fight terrorism in contrast with illegal military intervention of some other countries in the Arab country.

Mr. Rouhani then voiced hope for total destruction of terrorist groups in the war-ravaged country thanks to the efforts of forces supportive of Syrian government and nation to not need any foreign military presence in Syria.

The French president, for his part, during this 1 hour dialogue, reassured that the position of Iran and France on JCPOA are legible in the framework of the international law.

All of us should do our best to preserve the JCPOA and should not make even a petit mistake to let those who are after destroying the agreement to gain a golden chance,” he said.

While 5 permanent member states of the UNSC plus Germany along with Iran and EU signed the landmark nuclear agreement known as the JCPOA (the Joint comprehensive Plan of Action) on July 14, 2015 in Vienna, US President Donald Trump, in a move against international multilateralism, pulled US off the accord on May 6, 2018.



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