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Jun 25th
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Home NEWS Iran Iranian startup designs practical kit for testing water quality

Iranian startup designs practical kit for testing water quality

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Iranian startup designs practical kit for testing water quality

One of the issues making people worried is the quality of drinking water and to address this public concern, a group of Iranian researchers as part of a nano-tech startup managed to design a multi-purpose practical kit for examining the quality and cleanliness of water.

The startup, named 'Pakab' (a play on the Persian phrase meaning 'clean water'), describes the device as ‘a lab in pocket’.

They say that the sensor is cheap, precise, fast, and very user-friendly without any need for training or education. Currently they are working on the preliminary edition of the device, monitoring the market, and learning about the needs of the prospective customers.

The startup is comprised of Ehsan Ghanbari, a Ph. D. student of nanophysics at Kashan University, Hassan Mottaghi, a Ph. D. student of analytical chemistry at Isfahan University, Hossein Khojasteh, a Ph. D. student of nanochemistry at Kashan University, Pegah Rezaei, a Masters student of chemical engineering at Kashan University, and Rouhollah Shakernejad, a Ph. D. student of physics at Kashan University.



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