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Oct 04th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Russia unveils model of its new space station Ross

Russia unveils model of its new space station Ross

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Russia unveils model of its new space station Ross

Weeks after the head of the Russian space agency declared that there are plans to quit the partnership with the west on the International Space Station by 2024, Roscosmos unveiled a physical model of its new space station. The models indicate that plans are moving at full steam in Moscow to go alone in zero gravity, India Today reported.

The latest development also indicates that Russian plans to withdraw from the alliance in space with the US, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency are going forward and Moscow is taking the Chinese way in building their own flying laboratory on Earth's orbit.

Roscosmos presented a model of the planned space station, dubbed "ROSS" at "Army-2022", a military-industrial exhibition outside Moscow.

Roscosmos in a statement said that the new space station would be launched in two phases and that the first phase would see a four-module space station begin operations and science experimentation.

This will be followed by a further two modules and a service platform and when completed, it would be capable of housing up to four cosmonauts as well as scientific equipment.

The space station plans show Russian prowess in building their own orbital outpost, especially with the experience of living and working on the ISS for over two decades. Russian state media have suggested that the launch of the first stage is planned for 2025-26 and no later than 2030. The launch of the second and final stage is planned for 2030-35, they reported.



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