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May 26th
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Home Culture Cultural News Linz Intl Short Film Fest to host 8 Iranian short films

Linz Intl Short Film Fest to host 8 Iranian short films

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Linz Intl Short Film Fest to host 8 Iranian short films

The 4th edition of the Linz International Short Film Festival will take place from September 20 to 25.

Eight Iranian short films “Barter”, “Dualpa”, “Good Girl”, “Hanged”, “Love Can’t Be Quarantined”, “Prestige”, “Violet” and “White Clad” will be screened in this cinematic event.

Barter” directed by Ziba Karamali and Emad Arad is about Parsa, a 13-year-old boy who is trying to hide a secret from his father. The film depicts a dramatic situation in a family, and how people change when their interests are at stake.

Directed by Mohammadreza Moradi, “Dualpa” is about a young man who meets a bizarre old man while searching for a mythical creature in an Iranian desert. e young man promises to help the old man find the holy book of his tribe in lieu of a treasure. However, the young man has to give him a piggyback ride.

Good Girl” by Raheleh Karami tells the story of a good young girl who is forced to face in silence the drama that life places before her.

Hanged” by Roqieh Tavakkoli is about a 40-year-old woman who weighs 300 pounds and works as a hangman in Yazd Province, Iran.

Prestige” by Zahra Ahui is about Mahsa, a TV presenter who posts videos of her songs on Instagram anonymously. As a result, she faces a challenge with this decision.

Directed by Ghasideh Golmakani, “Violet” tells the story of Azi, who is alone even if she lives in a big traditional family. st before the wedding ceremony, Azi notices that her sister’s wedding rings are lost. She tries to find a solution despite her familial problems.

White Clad” by Reza Fahimi is about an old woman who brings some sheep cheese to Ahmad, a ten-year-old boy, so that he can give it to his father, who is a teacher, in hopes that his father would intervene and stop them from hanging the woman’s son.

Love Can’t Be Quarantined” by Jinus Pedram is a love story made based on a plot by Arash Dehqan.



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