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Feb 28th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran-Cuba joint COVID vaccine to get result ahead of others

Iran-Cuba joint COVID vaccine to get result ahead of others

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Iran-Cuba joint COVID vaccine to get result ahead of others

Iranian Deputy Health Minister said that joint production of coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccine between Iran and Cuba will get the result ahead of other vaccines and will be used in the country sooner than other vaccines as well.

Speaking among reporters on Sunday, Dr. Iraj Harirchi reiterated that the jointly production of COVID-19 vaccine between Iran and Cuba will reach the final result ahead of other vaccines.

With the studies made in this regard, the vaccine production between the two countries may enter implementation phase before Iranian month of Ordibehesht in the next Iranian calendar year (to start May 20).

All the vaccines, that are either imported into or produced in the country, are produced according to the guidelines of the National Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters in accordance with the national standards, he emphasized.

About 1. 3 million people in the country, who are classified as Group 1 of target society, would be vaccinated against coronavirus before the termination of the current Iranian calendar year (to end March 20, 2021), he said, adding, “Most countries in the world cannot vaccinate their total population by the end of current year in 2021, rather, vaccination would be proceeded gradually in the worldwide.



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