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Mar 02nd
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Home Culture Cultural News Movies from Iran line up for Bangladesh children’s festival

Movies from Iran line up for Bangladesh children’s festival

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Movies from Iran line up for Bangladesh children’s festival

TEHRAN – A lineup of 22 Iranian movies including features, shorts and animations will be competing in the  14th Bangladesh International Children’s Film Festival, which will be running from January 30 to February 5, the organizers have announced.

Ocean behind the Window” by Babak Nabizadeh and “Metamorphosis in the Slaughterhouse” by Javad Darai will be screened in the feature films competition.

Ocean behind the Window” centers on a small and remote island where people live under hardship. Borhan is an adolescent who has made an interesting decision to help his family and to introduce the island. He collects a group, holds a carnival and performs traditional music and theater for tourists. Their lives on the island improve and more tourists come, but there is a big problem on the way.

Metamorphosis in the Slaughterhouse” is about Shadi, a young girl from a village who once had lived with her family. Her parents had been accused of murdering a girl from the village, and they end up being murdered by the villagers in revenge. Her uncle adopts her, and now, Shadi must face the troubles that the people of the village have caused them.

Audience Laugh” by Mohammad Namdar, “Autumn Winds, Spring Winds and Two Doves” by Sadeq Javadi, “Life Gone with the Wind” co-directed by Siavash Saedpanah and Omid Gharibi, “Lowest Floor” by Omidreza Kheirkhah and “Oh Father” by Mahmud Sharifiasl are among the short films selected to compete in the event.

I Found out What to Do” and “Morning”, both by Reyhaneh Kavosh, as well as “Jebeer” by Reyhaneh Mirhashemi will be competing in the animation section.

I Found Out What to Do” is about Shirin who wants to surprise her mother on her birthday.

Morning” is also a musical animation about the beauty of the beginning of a day in a city.

Jebeer” shows a park ranger who patrols a national park, and his soul is intertwined with nature and all the creatures he protects.

Photo: “Ocean behind the Window” by Babak Nabizadeh.



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