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Dec 05th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran to produce COVID-19 rapid antigen diagnostic test kits

Iran to produce COVID-19 rapid antigen diagnostic test kits

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Iran to produce COVID-19 rapid antigen diagnostic test kits

Speaking in an interview with Mehr news agency on Sat. Dr. Vahid Younesi Chief Executive of a knowledge-based company producing COVID-19 rapid test kits reiterated that coronavirus rapid diagnostic kits based on antigen is one of the kits that will be produced at this company.

Once the license is obtained, these kits (coronavirus rapid antigen diagnostic test kits) will be produced, he added.

These coronavirus rapid tests are not for personal use, rather, these kits can be used mainly in health centers, health houses and hospitals, he said, reiterating, “Personal user cannot use diagnostic tests and must be used in relevant centers.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he drew a comparison between Iranian and Chinese coronavirus rapid diagnostic test kits and added, “Chinese-made COVID-19 rapid test kits are not worth diagnosing since these kits are based on antibody but Iranian-made coronavirus diagnostic test kits are based on 'antigen' that is able to diagnose the disease in the shortest time possible.

He once again pointed out that these kits will be produced latest by next month which are able to diagnose the coronavirus disease within 15 minutes.

Dr. Younesi pointed to the production capacity of coronavirus rapid test kits at his company and added, “This company is able to produce between 2 and 3 million COVID-19 rapid test kits in each month which can meet the domestic needs to these kits.



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