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May 08th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran shining in world for achieving isotope enrichment tech.

Iran shining in world for achieving isotope enrichment tech.

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Iran shining in world for achieving isotope enrichment tech.

Speaking at a ceremony in Shahid Ali Mohammadi Nuclear site in Fordow on the occasion of the second phase of the project of the producing stable isotopes via gas centrifuge, Ali Akbar Salehi stated, " In addition to uranium, there are some other elements in the Mendeleev table that they have about 256 stable isotopes.

Salehi went on to say, “In accordance with the uranium enrichment project we can enrich those elements”, adding that the stable isotopes of the mentioned elements have a wide range of applications in the fields of industry, health, agriculture, cultural heritage, and archaeology.

We are now using IR1 centrifuges to enrich stable isotopes such as tellurium and xenon on a pilot basis, and we intend to take this to the industrial level”, Salehi said.

According to the head of the Atomic Energy Organization, fortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken great steps in producing stable isotopes, and in this regard, the country stands among the few countries that have achieved this technology.

Hailing AEOI's great achievements in the fields of health, radiopharmaceuticals, monitoring new technologies including quantum technologies, enrichment, stable isotopes, exploration and extraction, and new power plants, he maintained, “We have acquired the science of stable isotope enrichment as well as its related technology.

Pointing out that the design of the arrangement of the stable isotope enrichment is done by Iranian experts, the Head of the AEOI explained these Iranian engineers and specialists have written great soft wares that one of which is, for example, 300,000 lines.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he described AEOI as one of the symbols of the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stressing, “Although peaceful activities have always been challenges to the arrogant powers of the world, it has always shone gloriously.



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