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Aug 15th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran successfully tests 5G mobile network

Iran successfully tests 5G mobile network

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Iran successfully tests 5G mobile network

Speaking in an interview with Mehr news agency on Wed. Sattar Hashemi expounded on the reasons behind Iran’s entry into G5 technology and added, “ICT’s Research Center is the location of the first 5th generation communications site and all stakeholders in this field can participate in the research and development (R&D) of this project.

In the pilot test of this project, a speed of 1. 5 gigabits per second was successfully tested, he said, adding, “5G also has a significant improvement over 4G in terms of data transmission delay, so that we could reduce the delay by 5 to 6 milliseconds in this test.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the deputy ICT minister pointed out that targeting the speed of data exchange in 5G network in the world is theoretically one to 20 gigabits, adding, “this speed is proportional to the investment and other components but the average considered for it (5G) will be a speed between 1. and 2 gigabits.

Hashemi reiterated that the test trial in ICT Research Center would enable all stakeholders of the ethnology in Iran, including other mobile operators, to contribute to the project.

Currently, the average speed of the Internet in 4G communications is estimated at about 20 Mbps per user, the Deputy ICT minister Sattari added.



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