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May 08th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Our security tied to National Information Network: Ghalibaf

Our security tied to National Information Network: Ghalibaf

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Our security tied to National Information Network: Ghalibaf

Our national, social, and moral security is tied to the National Information Network,” said Ghalibaf while speaking at the open session of the Parliament on Sunday attended by Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi.

Growth of foreign internet traffic is far more than that of the domestic internet traffic and it needs strategic and modifying policies which is the duty of ICT ministry,” said the speaker.

We currently see that a simple message between two Iranian citizens first goes outside the country and then returns; this is a serious weakness that needs to be solved,” he added.

Ghalibaf also said that there are other problems regarding messengers and operating systems that should be resolved by the ministry of information.

Elsewhere, he criticized the lack of control and monitoring over social media, calling for introducing policies in this regard.

The National Information Network (NIN) is an independent domestic network that enables Iranians to communicate without reliance on international Internet hubs. NIN offers a new internet system with higher security which officials say would be up to 60 times faster than the best speeds currently available. It is also designed to be more secure to potential cyber-attacks.



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