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May 27th
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Home Culture Cultural News John Strelecky’s “Return to The Why Cafe” available for Persian readers

John Strelecky’s “Return to The Why Cafe” available for Persian readers

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John Strelecky’s “Return to The Why Cafe” available for Persian readers

TEHRAN – “Return to The Why Cafe”, a sequel to American writer John Strelecky’s bestseller “The Why Café” has been recently been published in Persian.

Ketabsaraye Tandis is the Persian publisher of the book translated by Mahvash Khorramipur.

On a random night, along a forgotten road, John’s life was forever changed when he wandered into a tiny little place known affectionately as “The Why Cafe”.

After spending an entire evening there, he walked out with a new perspective about the meaning of life overall, and about his life in particular.

To his great surprise, ten years later he suddenly finds himself at the cafe once again. There are more questions on the cafe menu, along with new adventures to be had. And as before, his time at the cafe launches his life in an inspiring and new direction.

Set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, this follow-up to the #1 Bestseller, “The Why Cafe”, returns readers to the place where great food, thought-provoking questions and life-changing experiences are all on the menu.

So settle into a cozy booth by the window, and enjoy your “Return to The Why Café”.

Strelecky is a self-published author and creator of “The Big Five for Life” concept. of 2018, his books have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into 33 languages.

Photo: Front cover of American writer John Strelecky’s book “Return to The Why Cafe”.



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