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May 27th
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Home NEWS Iran ‘Eleventh Step’ goes to Annecy animation festival

‘Eleventh Step’ goes to Annecy animation festival

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‘Eleventh Step’ goes to Annecy animation festival

The Iranian feature will be screened in the Young Audiences Short Films section of the festival, which will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, in the alpine town, southeastern France, from June 15-30.

The story is about a little lion cub that is born in a zoo and lives in a cage that is only ten steps long. On the eleventh step he bangs his head against the bars, but one day the zookeeper leaves the cage door open. However, the lion cub never dares to take one more step toward its freedom.

Another Iranian film “We Only Get One Planet” directed by Aqil Hosseinian will also take part in the Commissioned Films of Annecy festival.

It tells the story of a passenger, who is eating while sitting on the back seat of a moving car, throwing his rubbish out of the car window. This rubbish is collected, along with all the other rubbish that has been thrown out onto the road.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is a competition between cartoon films of various techniques (animated drawings, cut-out papers, modelling clay, and computer-generated imagery) classified in various categories of feature films, short films, films produced for television and advertising, student films, and films made for the internet.



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