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May 27th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran receives approval from 8 countries for exports of coronavirus test kits

Iran receives approval from 8 countries for exports of coronavirus test kits

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Iran receives approval from 8 countries for exports of coronavirus test kits

Making the remarks in the southern province of Bushehr, Sattari said "Iran presently has a production capacity of manufacturing 1 million of serology test kits per day and monthly production of 1. 5 million of C-Creative Protein (CPR) test kits.

Of the said amount a part is domestically used and the rest is exported," he added.

Iran exports corona diagnostic kits at the condition that the country heavily needed to these kits at the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country but with the cooperation of knowledge-based companies, not only Iran’s requirement to these kits have been met, but also suitable ways have been provided for the country in export of these kits.

On May 12, domestically produced nano-test kit for coronavirus was unveiled for the first time in the world in the presence of VP Sattari.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has currently started exporting ordinary coronavirus diagnostic kits to a number of countries including Germany and Turkey.

In line with its humanitarian aids, the Islamic Republic of Iran also donated cargo containing 5,000 corona diagnostic kits to Afghanistan and also Lebanon.

Spokesperson for the Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters Kianoush Jahanpour said on April 12 that the country has developed COVID-19 rapid test kits based on antibody detection, adding that the kits will hit the market soon.

In a tweet Jahanpour wrote, “with the efforts of Iranian experts and knowledge-based companies, a rapid test for the detection of coronavirus based on the identification of antibodies will be available soon. These quick, low-cost, and inclusive detection methods will facilitate the step-by-step implementation of ‘Smart Distancing Plan’ in the coming weeks.



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