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Jul 23rd
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Iran participate in Asia-Pacific Space Observatories project

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Iran participate in Asia-Pacific Space Observatories project

APSSO project is a collection of 8 new observatories that will be launched in the member countries of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO). It pursues astronomical goals in addition to missions such as satellite observation, space debris and near-Earth objects, and the creation of an up-to-date database available to member states.

Hence APSSO was held with the participation of astronomy experts from Iranian Space Agency.

Observing the sky in order to discover and update the orbital and physical information of asteroids, comets, novae, and gamma jets are parts of observatories’ tasks.

This is the second international partnership of the Iranian Space Agency in the field of astronomy, which is being pursued with the presence of astronomy and space exploration experts from the Iranian Space Agency.


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